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If it's a color booklet about 7" wide, and 10" high, it's probably a Krames booklet. Popular titles include a COPD and a new COPD and exercise booklet. At $1.95 and $1.75 per copy, however, it's worth considering the Krames tear sheet line. Tear sheet topics include Using an Inhaler and Pursed-Lip Breathing and are attractively priced at $0.25 each.

(Personal opinion: Krames booklets are expensive. Check out their tear sheets instead, and consider their large-format asthma and COPD flip charts.)
222 Cleveland Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941

(800) 4-Brochures
U-Write is quite innovative, in that the company sells blank patient education handouts, along with a disc with text that can be customized by the purchaser. U-Write offers a lung anatomy sheet, with text templates for asthma, emphysema and IPF.

(Personal opinion: if someone in the office knows how to use Microsoft Word, check these out.)
Pritchett & Hull
3440 Oakcliff Road, NE #110
Atlanta, GA 30340

(800) 241-4925

Pritchett & Hull offers a wide selection of pulmonary titles that are typically two-color, with a cartoon art style. The manuals are expensive: $2.95 per copy for the asthma guide, and $3.95 per copy for the chronic lung disease, but they're thick, with large type, and a lot of white space.

(Personal opinion: Check out P&H's tear pads, priced at $0.20 per sheet.)

American Lung Association

(800) 586-4872

The ALA offers scores of handouts on asthma, COPD, air pollution, tobacco, etc. While some booklets are $4 or more, most titles are less than a quarter. Unfortunately, service is inconsistant -- the San Francisco chapter didn't return my calls, while the Washington state chapter was very helpful...

(Personal opinion: Although prices are attractive, some items are two-color and text-heavy. Preview a sample first!)

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Pediatric Asthma


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