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"Excellent! Great format - will make designing educational brochures easy."
Irene Ryan
Clinical Nurse Educator Med/Surg.
Glendale Memorial Hospital
Glendale, CA
"Great idea - Easy way to get your message out, and fabulous way to keep up with changes in health care!."
Dee Clark, RN
Erlanger Medical Center
Chattanooga, TN
"I think that this is an excellent concept for all hospitals."
Teri Kessel
Nurse Manager
Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital
New Orleans, LA
"Great idea -- will be able to customize to our needs of integrating health education with personal faith and health ministry."
Patricia Lee, MSN, APRN
President, Christian Health Alliance
Kaneohe, Hawaii
"Price is definitely right!"

Sue Rupert
MetroHealth Medical Center
Cleveland, OH

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