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U-Write patient education brochures are unique - they are sold with the illustrations printed on the paper, but the text provided online. The purchaser simply opens the online file, customizes the text to meet his or her needs, places the paper in her printer, and hits "print."
Let's look at an example:
Sue, at Memorial Hospital, decides that the cardiology booklets that she's buying from one of the big companies are failing to differentiate Memorial from its competition. Sue also thinks that the booklets are too expensive. She decides to order U-Write's CHF brochure, and try it out.
When Sue's order arrives, the carton contains A) shrink-wrapped packages of the Congestive Heart Failure brochure, shipped unfolded, and B) an example of a finished brochure.
Sue gets on her computer, goes to U-Write's "Download-Word-Files" page, and clicks on 1112-CHF. Word automatically opens up on her computer, and she finds herself looking at the text.
It makes sense. The paper she ordered has four columns per side; and the file she sees in Word has two pages, each with four columns. She plays around with her zoom function so that she can see both sides of the brochure. Then she adjusts her zoom again so that just one "page" shows. As she looks at the screen, she notices the gaps in the text, corresponding with where the images are printed on the paper.
Note that this screen was zoomed via the slide bar in the lower left in order to show one full "side" of the brochure.
screenprint of actual text file on pc screen
(This page has Microsoft "frames" in the first, second and forth columns. Frames are invisible, and are used to protect parts of the column from having text print on it. The frame in the first column appears as hatch-marks only because the cursor was in the frame when the screen was printed.)
If she hits "print" right now, and feeds a sheet of U-Write paper through her desktop printer, it's clear that the text will print around the illustrations on the paper.
But before she hits print, it's time to make the changes necessary to customize the brochure. She highlights the references to Marcus Welby and St. Mary's, and replaces them with her facility's information. Then she moves to what will be the back panel, and replaces the dummy text with information about her facility, referencing its excellent reputation.
Sue goes into the other panels of the brochure, and makes a few more changes. Now the text accurately reflects the patient experience at Memorial. Since the frames (those hatch-marked boxes that protect the locations where the illustrations are on the brochure stock) haven't moved, Sue expects that she could print all her brochures right now. But she plays it safe and does a test print, printing one side, reinserting her brochure, and printing the other side.
She's thrilled! In only a few minutes she has created the perfect brochure. She's ready to make 200 copies. Since the desktop printer in the department is pretty slow, she instead prints the two sides of her new text file on plain legal paper, then places each of these sheets, in turn, on the glass of her photocopier, placing the U-Write paper in the copier. She photocopies the front-side text onto side one, and the back-side text onto side two. In minutes she has 200 copies.
Everyone loves the new U-Write brochures, and soon other departments are asking"
"What titles are available?
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