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  Overview:U-Write Customizable Brochures

Q: What's U-Write all about?

U-Write is a company that is selling customizable patient education brochures. Our brochures have empty space where the text belongs. Use your PC to write what you want to say, hit "print," and you have a custom brochure.
Q: Why would I want to write my own brochures?
Because off-the-shelf handouts aren't good enough anymore. They're wordy, they're intentionally vague, they often confuse the patient with options that are not appropriate, and they're often out-of-date. Then there is the issue of practice promotion. These days, every practice, every hospital, needs to market itself. Those that do will grow; those that don't... If your practice is handing out generic information - the same information your competitor on the other side of town is handing out - a key marketing opportunity is being missed.
Q: Price?
ULess than half what you might be paying for those generic handouts. U-Write brochures list for $49 per bundle of 100 (and the bundles actually contain about 103 sheets!).
Q: But I don't have the time to write a brochure.
We make that easy too. We have formatted Microsoft Word files available on this Web site, to get you started. Open the file, make the changes you'd like, hit "print" and you're done.
Q: Wait. I'm no computer wiz, and I don't have the time to learn another software package...
There is no software package that ships with U-Write brochures. We provide Microsoft Word files. Open the appropriate file, make the changes you want, and hit print. You can have a custom brochure in minutes!
Q: What titles are available?
The nine cardiovascular / pulmonary titles are listed at titles, and each brochure can be viewed with links from that page.
Q: Do you offer brochures for other medical specialties?
Not yet, but we plan to.
Q: It sounds great. How do I order?
Print the order form found at "Order Form," and mail it in with a check or money order. Apologies that you can't order directly on-line, but we do what we do to keep order-processing costs down, so that you can continue to pay our low prices for customizable brochures. Thanks!

Orders are typically shipped the same-day.

222 Cleveland Ave.
Mill Valley CA 94941
Phone: (800) 4-Brochures Fax: (877) 4-Brochures
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