Understanding the Advantages of Using Quality Paper
The quality of the paper used for your handouts does create a first impression about your practice. If all paper seems the same, think about the difference between newsprint and the paper used to make a hallmark card.
Among the attributes of paper are its finish, its weight, and its brightness. Although a book could be written on the different paper finishes available, in a nutshell, paper can be flat or glossy. Glossy is perfect for some handouts - new car brochures for example. But most agree that it's too "flashy" for patient education. The exceptions: it's common to see elective cosmetic surgery and refractive surgery promoted with glossy handouts.
The thickness of the paper also makes an impression. A flimsy paper suggests one-time usage; heavier paper is associated with items that are meant to be saved. U-Write brochures are printed on 80-pound basis weight paper. That's thick paper, and the thickness conveys importance.
Finally, the brightness of the paper is important. Bright paper looks better, and causes the ink printed on it to look brighter. U-Write paper is very white - it's a 94 brightness.

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