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  Patient Education Materials: The Decision to Buy or Make
  Are Medical Brochures
  What Makes an Effective
  Purchase or Make Your Own?
  If Purchasing...
  If Making your Own...
  The U-Write Solution
Krames, Pritchett & Hull, and others produce fine patient education materials. And a simple phone call is all that it takes to have a set of titles covering the procedures and conditions appropriate for your practice. With time as precious as it is, off-the-shelf handouts are an attractive solution.
The problems with off-the-shelf materials are as follows:
  • They don't promote your practice.

  • The information in mass-produced handouts will always be generic. In order to cover the range of treatment options, specifics are avoided.

  • You have no control over reading level.

  • Generally fewer than 10% of the titles are available in Spanish, and other languages are unavailable.

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