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U-Write paper is designed to work with your desktop printer, or your photocopier. Often the best approach is a combination of the pair.


When you've completed your modifications to the text file, save it under a new name. Then print both pages on blank 8 1/2 x 14 paper. Sandwich your U-Write paper with each of these printouts and hold up to a bright light. You should be able to quickly confirm that your text fits nicely around the art on the paper.


Next, run a sheet of U-Write paper through your printer. Since each text file contains both a front and a back for your brochure, you'll need to feed the same sheet through twice, printing the text on each side in turn.


You now have a custom, full-color brochure that will educate your patients while promoting your practice. Before printing a stack, have someone else check for any remaining typos, punctuation problems, etc.


There are two ways to run off quantities of your custom brochure. If you have access to a fairly fast printer that can handle heavier paper, use it. But remember, since your file is a two-page document, if you ask for 50 copies, Microsoft Word will print page 1, page 2, page 1, page 2, page 1, etc. To avoid this, instruct Word to print 50 copies of "Current Page" and place your paper so that side will be printed on. Then move your cursor to the other page, place your brochures in your printer with the other side up, and instruct the computer to print 50 copies of the new "Current Page."


Alternatively, you can print your final, proofed file on blank 8 1/2 x 14 paper, then place each of the two sides, in turn, on the glass of your photocopier. Place the brochure paper in your legal tray, and copy the text onto the sheets. Once one side is done, switch the originals, place your brochure paper in the tray again, and photocopy on the other side.

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