Developments in Print Patient Education
Merits of Patient Education
Patient education handouts are designed to help the patient, and they can be a great practice promotion tool as well. But are they a justifiable expense with today's tighter budgets?
Writing Brochures
Writing is harder than it seems. Review these hints to create a better brochure. And visit the public domain resources that can provide a wonderful jump-start to your project.
Review the roles of the two different types of illustrations found in medical brochures. Learn ways to avoid blowing your budget on art.
What Makes an Effective Patient Education Handout?
Rate your handouts -- are they imparting useful, actionable information?
Should You Make Your Own Patient Education Handouts?
Is in-house production worth your time and effort?
Designing for Production
Smart moves here will stretch your dollar when it comes time to make copies.
Vendors to Consider
Evaluating Krames, Pritchett & Hull, the Associations, and others.
Readability / Low-Literacy
Short words, short sentences and short paragraphs are just the beginning...
Elements of Design
Bring your content and illustrations together, with the effective use of design elements, color, white space, and fonts.
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